State's Attorney

State's Attorney: Gabe Grosboll 

Asst. State's Attorney:  Gwendolyn M. Thomas

Jessica Stock, Legal Secretary

Michelle Wethington, Court Advocate

Description of Services

The function of the State's Attorney is two-fold.  In civil matters, the State's Attorney is charged with the legal representation of the County of Menard, a body politic and corporate.  The State's Attorney represents and advises the County and its Elected Officials in civil litigation arising out of their official duties. 

The Menard County State's Attorney represents the People of the State of Illinois in Criminal Prosecutions including traffic offenses and any crime occurring within the jurisdiction of Menard County.  Cases involving abuse or neglect of children or delinquency are also handled by this office.

If a citizen is the victim of crime, the offense should be reported immediately to the police for investigation.  Upon request of the police authority, the State's Attorney will provide legal guidance to the police at any time, day or night.  The State's Attorney is prohibited by law from representing private citizens in civil law matters such as divorce, child custody, landlord/tenant law and contract disputes.



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