Circuit Court Clerk

Circuit Clerk: Elyse Waibel

Janet Lyons, Chief Deputy
Hannah Case, Deputy

Description of Services

The Office of the Circuit Clerk files all new court cases; anything that goes through the court system. This includes: criminal, civil, family and juvenile cases. Child support payments are made here and the office serves as a go-between with the state. You may also access old records in the office, dating back to 1839. Many people research genealogy records to learn about family history. The office also processes passports.

The Circuit Clerk's Office also handles orders of protection in domestic violence cases and has a part time advocate to work with women and families in need. The office staff can handle all inquiries from the public, except those involving adoption and juvenile records which are confidential. Computerized records go back to 1994. Anything prior to that will require a physical search of printed records. The office also performs criminal background checks in response to written inquiries, fax inquiries or those who come to the office in person. This is a service useful to government and private sector employers to see if a person has a prior criminal history. There is no fee for a walk-in request for a background check. Other requests have fees and you should review the fee schedule below.


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