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Supervisor of Assessments Trainee


The Menard County Office of Assessments is seeking an individual to fill the position of Supervisor of Assessments Trainee.  The successful candidate must be:

  • willing to begin an extensive training process within the courthouse office to fill the role of Supervisor of Assessments,

  • able to provide at least two years of current experience in the field of property sales, assessments, finance, or appraisals,

  • able to travel and attend for completion educational classes as required for qualification and certification,

  • be personable and pleasantly receptive to public interaction,

  • able to perform mathematical and statistical calculations,

  • able to learn at a quick pace and perform cyclical tasks,

  • able to perform annual field assessment work,

  • able to conduct office business within a timely schedule,

  • able to meet annual deadlines for the property tax cycle,

  • able to interact with and complete reports for the Illinois Department of Revenue required by the property tax cycle.

    Please submit your letter of interest, along with a professional resume and reference listing to the Menard County Office of Assessments by September 21, 2018.