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Profile of Menard County

Menard County was established in the winter of 1839 by action of the Illinois State Legislature, being one of three counties split off from Sangamon County.  At the time, Abraham Lincoln was a Representative to the State Legislature and Chairman of the Committee on Counties.  The bill to separate Menard from Sangamon was written and presented by Lincoln on January 16, 1839 and passed the legislature on February 15, 1839.  The action defined the boundaries of Menard County and provided for an election on the first Monday in April 1839 to elect public officials and three county commissioners.  Over one hundred sixty years later, on November 7, 2000 the voters passed the proposition to be represented by five commissioners elected from single member districts.

Menard County is located slightly west of the center of the state and contains approximately 314 square miles. Petersburg, the county seat, is about 20 miles northwest of Springfield.  A large number of settlers from Southern states and European immigrants came to Menard County to farm.  The county continues to be known for agriculture and its rural character, while also providing a diversity of residential living options, quality schools and a service-based economy that caters to area residents and businesses.

Menard County is a non-home rule county and governed by the Illinois County Code, Chapter 55 ILCS 5/1-1001, et. seq., and related acts.  Menard County's government consists of thirteen departments, six elected officials, the judiciary and a five member County Board elected from single member districts.

Menard County provides a full range of services including law enforcement, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, property assessment and collection of taxes, official records, elections, document recordings, comprehensive planning and growth management, a court system and related support functions, public health and home health services, animal control, emergency disaster planning and response, employment and training, senior transport, emergency public relief and emergency medical services.

In addition to the above general government activities, the County owns and operates a skilled care nursing home.  Sunny Acres accepts private pay, Medicaid and Medicare patients.  Countryside Estates, situated next door to Sunny Acres, opened in 2000 and is an independent living facility.

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